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The Coming of post-scarcity society


In 1931 John Maynard Keynes published an essay titled Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren. This was the time of the great depression, so it is not surprising that he began by commenting on more

Sustainable Growth in a post scarcity world Chapter 1


Chapter 1 The next big system changeIntroductionThis book is about the next big shift in the nature of the economic and social system within which we live and work, and about its causes and its more

The economics of abundance


The term ‘the economics of abundance’ is not new. It is, for example, the title of a 1935 book by the American economist Stuart Chase. Also the concept is implicit in the writings of Marx and the more

HR in tough times


The first decade of the 21st century has brought with it a whole new series of challenges for organisations and their leaders. These challenges in turn have important implications for the role of HR more

Finding and Keeping top Talent


Whereas in the past the typical companies in the advanced industrial societies were either labour-intensive, such as coal mining or textiles, or capital-intensive such as chemicals and steel, today more